Red Rascals

Red Rascals Cafe is bought to you by me, Spud Alan, the head spud of the Rascals family.

My love of a good BOLT of coffee in the morning combined with my love of spuds, our café has been created for you to enjoy delicious BOLT coffee, scrumptious breakfast, brunches and lunches all with a potato twist.

You will love our freshly made sandwiches and salads, pies and sausage rolls and hot chips.

My family are a bunch of loveable Rascals, they are playfully mischievous all the time and you can’t help but like us.

Jazzy and Desiree, the 2 chief rascals are running the Cafe so I can spend more time creating spud-a-licious meals for you, as our menu changes daily with the seasonal produce on offer.

Red Rascals are potatoes
And so are Royal Blue
No matter what your taste
We have a spud for you.

Get your Spud-A-Bing on!
My mate Rooster needs a bloody big lightning Bolt to get me him of bed each day and a good strong coffee hits the mark every time for Rooster.

My family of Rascals searched and searched for the ultimate coffee for him and you. To our good fortunes, we discovered BOLT Coffee.

Steve Lomax and his team of Bolters are local City of Swan coffee roasters. The coffee bean we serve in the café is at its best, you cannot get any fresher or creamery coffee.

Steve has an exceptionally sensitive palate and encyclopaedic knowledge of bean origins, nuances of flavour, blend ratios and how to get the best of every extraction. With his passion for the coffee bean and our fully trained baristas we will wake up your morning, so it is Spud-A-Bing!

Long Black
Flat White
Café Latte
Short Macchiato
Long Macchiato
Hot Chocolate

We also serve teas, English and Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chamomile, Chai Latte and Peppermint. And have Soy, Almond, Lactose free milk and syrups.

We are open from 6.30am, Monday to Friday to make your favourite coffee so you can Bolt-On with the day.

You can also purchase 500gm and 1kg bags of Bolt Coffee from Red Rascals Café.

Run with us on Bolt Coffee.

Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch
Our lunches are spudding-delicious.  Debbie makes a special healthy lunch every day, like us on Facebook for the daily postings.

All day on the menu is:

Freshly made sandwiches – fresh or toasted
Pies and Sausage Rolls from Golden Bakery
An assortment of Cakes and Slices

You just gotta love Mondays. Deb will be cooking up a special dish to kick start your week.

Ruby Spuds will be on the menu on Tuesday! Be surprised with the selection of spud dishes that Deb will be creating.

Being Wednesday Hump Day, anything could be on the menu!

It’s Throwback Thursday. Debbie will be whipping up dishes that her mum and Grandmother made. It will bring back the nostalgia for many of you.

Yep, as you guessed, it’s Fryday! Chips, chips and more chips. Loaded with gravy, cheese and even our on Red Rascals seasoning. Your taste buds are oozing already.


Head of the Spud family

Spud Alan

Growing up on the farm on the outside skirts of Perth was just the life that Alan loved.   Being a potato certainly had its challenges but the Rascal that he was, he could put his hand to anything.

With his brother Jack, they got up to all sorts of mischief on the farm.  Stirring up the chickens and forever teasing the dogs, but they certainly could grow good spuds and veggies.

His life was complete when he married his sweet potato Betty.  And his family grew into a few more rascals Jazzy, Desiree and Markie.

Jack the Lad

A loyal brother to Alan and his best Spuddy. Jack fell madly in love with Joanie, and the Spud-foursome family was made whole.
Jack has been known to share farfetched stories about them growing up, such as this one!

When they were young, they both had milk carts
And they worked all through the night
Delivering milk into the billy cans
And at dawn they’d both take flight
With horses chafing at the bit
Racing down along old Charles St
To Browns dairy who would the winner be
The loser would have to shovel the shit

Betty – a beautiful sweet potato, kind, generous and caring for her family of Rascals.

Joanie – sister to Betty, and wife of Jack the Lad.

Grand kids

Grand kids
Jazzy married a charming spud called Rooster and had off springs, Nadine, Spud-Nick and Sweetie.

Royal Blue and Rodeo Fluffy, are the Rascals much loved neighbours from Toodyay. Country folk they are, just salt of the earth true friends.



Jack the Lad

Rooster Spud

Royal Blue

Rodeo Fluffy

Young Spuds




Visit Our

Red Rascals Cafe
Cnr 7 Clayton Street and Military Road
Midland Megaplex, Bellevue

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 6:30am3:00pm
Saturday & Sunday 9:00am3:00pm